Travel Law Today - Autumn 2016

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Travel Law Today - Autumn 2016

The world was a very different place when we launched Travel Law Today at the ABTA Travel Law Seminar in May. People were talking about the upcoming referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU but few in the travel industry really thought that six months on, we would be heading towards the UK’s departure. 

Brexit makes an appearance in many of the articles in this issue. The UK government is keen to identify the opportunities that might arise from leaving the EU and that is a theme picked up by a number of our contributors. But most telling is the thread of uncertainty that weaves its way through some critical areas of travel law and business. 

While Brexit affects all industries, including, as picked up by our writers, in the areas of employment law, credit card charges, data protection and tax, travel has its own particular challenges due to businesses being involved in complex and distant supply chains and dealing with people. Claims by customers are on the increase and it appears ever more difficult to resist claims even where it’s perhaps unclear why the travel company should be in the frame at all.

All of this is why it is more important than ever to keep on top of the issues that will affect your business, and any future plans for your business, over the next few years. We are extremely grateful again to the ABTA Partners who have provided the expert comment in this edition and who deliver advice to our Members through the year, through their participation in the ABTA conferences and events programme.

In this issue

  • Getting ready for change
    Brexit impact and the looming Package Travel Directive 4
  • Finance
    Under the bonnet of TOMS and changes to credit card laws 6
  • Business
    Data protection, employment law and planning ahead for your exit strategy 8
  • Customer claims
    Minor sickness claims are on the rise, and how to determine extraordinary circumstances 12
  • FCO travel advice
    The onus is on you to make sure your customers know about this vital resource 14