ABTA Magazine – April 2022

ABTA Magazine

It seems like every other day a new Covid-related restriction is dropped. Throw in the fact that the UK dropped all its remaining travel rules on March 18, and it's no surprise that travel companies feel like the industry is finally in comeback mode. We’re exploring how travel agents and tour operators can responsibly tackle this appetite for travel, by steering their customers towards more sustainable choices. It's what consumers want, too: 35 per cent of travellers are planning to book ecotourism holidays in 2022, and three times as many people now say sustainability is important to their holiday plans, compared to 10 years ago.

In this issue of ABTA Magazine, we’re spotlighting train travel, which can cut carbon emissions by up to 90 per cent compared to flying, in a special slow travel section. Then, we fly long-haul, to Singapore – to learn about the destination’s claim that it’s prioritising green tourism, and to ask whether a trip there from the UK can be sustainable. Finally, we reveal the 10 most exciting cruises to be hitting the water this year.

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