ABTA Magazine – April 2021

ABTA Magazine

Last month, a raft of cruise lines announced their plans to embark on a short mini-season from the UK – the result of the continuing success of the UK’s vaccination programme and the easing of lockdown restrictions.

In this issue, we consider the options available to those keen to get back on the waves – something that seemed totally unthinkable just a few months ago. Cruise’s partial resumption is proof that the travel industry’s recovery will neither be predictable, nor equal.

Different sectors will return more slowly than others – and some will change for good. With Covid-19 leading to offices closing and meetings and conferences moving online, one severely disrupted area has been business travel. In this issue, Sam Ballard considers what the future holds for the sector.

The introduction of a traffic light system offers further hope for the industry in general: we now know travel will be possible this summer, although things may change quickly. As Mark Tanzer says “the goal must be to have unrestricted travel to ‘green’ destinations”, but things are moving in the right direction – and that’s reason to celebrate. We hope you enjoy reading.

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