I’ve just been told that building works are taking place at my hotel. What can I do?

Most minor refurbishment and maintenance work being carried out at properties will not affect your holiday. There's no requirement under the ABTA Code of Conduct for Members to notify clients of works like these. Some companies will inform you of minor work, to keep you in the know. If you decided you wanted to change or cancel your holiday due to minor work, you would pay the normal charges in the booking conditions. If, on the other hand, there is major building work, you have more rights.

Where the works are likely to seriously impair the enjoyment of your holiday, your travel company should provide you with accurate information about the building works if they know about them. You can then decide whether or not to continue with the booking.

ABTA's advice
If your holiday is booked and then your travel company finds out about building works at your hotel, and these works are considered extensive enough to seriously impair the enjoyment of your holiday, your travel company must notify you without delay, and offer you the opportunity to transfer to alternative accommodation.

Where the alternative constitutes a significant change to your booking, your travel company should offer you the option of cancelling without penalty or transferring to an alternative holiday if available.

Top tip
If you get to your resort and find there is building work that has a significant impact on your holiday you should collect as much evidence as you can, for example, take plenty of photographs to raise with your travel company upon your return.

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