If my travel company goes out of business, is my money protected?

Financial protection means that, as a consumer,  if the company you have booked with goes out of business, you will receive a refund if you are yet to travel, or be brought home if you are already on holiday and your package includes return transport.

Package holidays sold to you in the European Economic Area (EEA) by ABTA Members are financially protected. Package holidays that are for less than 24 hours, or are for business travel, may not be protected.

Additionally some ABTA Members protect other services such as accommodation-only sales, so when booking with an ABTA Member you should check this.

There is no scheme of financial protection that covers flight bookings made directly with airlines, or flight only bookings where a travel agent issues you the ticket when you book. You should look into obtaining insurance cover.

If you buy a linked travel arrangement you have some financial protection. For more information click here

Top tip

Always ask what financial protection is in place at the time of booking. If in any doubt check to see if they are Members of ABTA.

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