Upcoming conferences, seminars and events

ABTA offers high-quality, practical training for the travel industry through a diverse programme of conferences, seminars and training days. 


    Animal Welfare in Tourism – London

    ABTA's Animal Welfare in Tourism seminar will provide hands-on practical guidance to assist travel and tourism organisations to improve animal welfare standards. Understand the updates to ABTA's animal welfare guidelines and learn how to implement these across your business.

    PR in Travel Conference – London

    ABTA’s one-day PR in Travel Conference offers expert guidance on the changing media landscape and the latest challenges and opportunities in travel PR.

    Instagram for Travel – London

    ABTA's practical one-day Instagram for Travel seminar will provide tailored advice on the best practice for using Instagram in your travel business.

    Corporate Governance for Travel – London

    ABTA’s new Corporate Governance in Travel seminar will cover the key principles and practices in corporate governance and risk management for small and medium sized businesses.
    05 - 06

    The Travel Marketing Conference – London

    Designed for advanced level travel marketing professionals, ABTA’s Travel Marketing Conference will bring together key names in the travel industry and reputable marketing experts.