Our values

We've been a trusted travel brand for more than 65 years, offering advice and guidance to the travelling public, as well as leading the travel industry in supporting high service standards, working with our Members on health and safety, and promoting responsible tourism at home and abroad. We currently have around 82 staff members at our head office in London.

All ABTA staff adhere to three core values.


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We are proud to be part of a leading brand in the travel industry. We provide quality support and advice in a fair, equitable and consistent way and with passion. We always ensure that we fully understand our Members’ and customers’ needs and treat each colleague, Member and customer as an individual so, as a result, people can travel with confidence.

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We are always ready and prepared to help our Members and customers, and we are encouraged and empowered to make clear, timely and informed decisions, even when faced with the unknown. We’re proactive, have a positive attitude and are ready to deal with all challenges so, as a result, people can travel with confidence.

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Although we know we need to be risk-aware, we have the confidence to be bold and visionary, and have the insight to make calculated risks to transform the way we work. We encourage our colleagues to push the boundaries, as well as being role models ourselves to have the courage to share ’outside the box' thinking, to make a real tangible difference for our Members and customers so, as a result, people can travel with confidence.